On Ireland's Border
A journey from Lough Foyle to Carlingford Lough, along the border separating the Republic of Ireland from Northern Ireland.
New York Times / Vanity Fair
What Does a Jew Look Like?
A book of portraits showcasing some of the many different ways people can be Jewish in Britain today.
Five Leaves Books
Memories Museum
This work explores how objects, signs, and symbols are curated in politicised landscapes for the purpose of generating, cultivating, and manipulating memory. These tools are also used to co-opt and commandeer relationships with past, present, and future struggles.
A Short Guide the United Kingdom Immigration Detention Estate.
Arts Council England
Tilbury: A Brexiteer Town
Twenty miles east of London, one forgotten port community is on the frontline of a global upheaval. Tilbury's contested history is a window onto our fast-changing political landscape - in Britain, and beyond
The World Post
Magic Roundabout
Walking London's orbital.
The Debatable Lands
A journey through the Scottish Borders and Northern England at a time of great political change.
The New Yorker
Alongside those prepared to risk their lives for a better one across the Channel.
Time Magazine / Getty Images
A revolution in Kyiv.
Egypt: An Elections Project
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